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loveflavoredtequilla asked: Hi love ! I absolutely adore your blog :) can you tell me more about libras?? My bday is October 10th Thank you <3

Amateur astrologers have a lot to say about Libras but the majority of it is wrong because it is merely about how they appear and how they appear is however they feel like appearing that day - they’re chameleons.  What is certain is that Libras are highly intelligent, intuitive, and bewitching.  It’s an EXTREMELY desirable sign to have as a sun or anywhere major in one’s chart.       



Sagittarius’ mode of transportation

basically aries 



aciddasies asked: Can you do libra (m) and cancer (f) relationship please??(:..



Cancer, Amee Cherie Piek

anyone who thinks aries are all games/competition - no, they love just as hard as they fight.

biancahcx asked: Hi! I just found your blog and instantly fell in love 😍 I have to ask a question! What do you think of a Sagittarius and Gemini pair?

bless ! my best friend’s name is bianca

and I think that’s an OTP! one true pairing.  Sagittarius and Gemini both love to talk big ideas together and think about crucial social things they might change.  They can make a great dynamic pairing in business as well if they ever decide to take that friendship up a notch to that kind of partnership on the side.  They’re people-people, and just ahh.  I have so much to say.  I’ll make an entire post on this!