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foreverclimbing asked: I was stoned this morning and had a thought - wouldn't it be kickass to do a sports car gif post for the signs? I think that'd be cool as shit! I don't think I've ever seen that before.


I guess it would be cool, yeah. Just keep in mind that I don’t know anything about these cars, so this is just based off of how they look and what they’re doing in the gifs. Hope you like it. ^_^

























~Sergeant Scorpion

December Capricorns are the height of complexity and why would you ever stereotype them as conformist businessmen? They’re extremely emotional people..

Two Earth Signs Trying to Hit it Off


Anonymous asked: Heya! I'm the anon born on October 22, 1999. I was born at 3:55 pm on a Friday. Also, if it's not too much to ask, do you think a male Capricorn born on January 19, 2000 (i don't know what time he was born) and I will be compatible, friendship & romance wise? And aawe yiss! #TEAMLIBRA!!

#TEAMLIBRA! is right (: alright so his moon’s in Libra which is HOT . I bet he’s very cool, mars in libra venus in aqua and mercury in sag so I can bet based on his chart that you have more of a crushhh on him than the fellow libra do you? :P he seems like a charming guy

dat mercury in sag. tho. killer charm

be careful of him haha, but i think it’d be SUPER hot for a little while!

Anonymous asked: The October 22, 1999 anon here! I was wondering, again, if you think a Libra guy born on September 27, 1998 Would be compatible with me romantically and friendship wise. Oh gee, I feel like I've asked you for a lot of compatibility requests. I'm so sorry!! And thank you so so much

his moon - sag   yours - pisces
his mars - leo     yours - cap
his venus - virgo  yours - virgo!!!!
his mercury -libra  yours - scorpio

ok so what this means isss he might end up liking you more than you like him, which is good (it’s what i aim for in a relationship so i never get hurt!)  and also the shared virgo venus is hella good ! any fights will be amicable (you’ll understand where the other is coming from) and in general you just kinda UNDERSTAnd what the other one wants in a relationship.  god i’m jealous!~ i know someone with my venus and she’s my same sex that’s the only reason we’re not together but she is heavily into me and i love her in a way too :) shared sun is cool too, just another reason though why you may sometimes feel too similar. don’t let it get to you though - you can be a great match

"all that matters is that you have compatible rising signs, and that - you know - the sex is at least decent, and that he supports you creatively."

- jessa, girls hbo.

Scorpio Searching for a Fuck to Give

Anonymous asked: Heyo! I saw another ask about this so I was wondering if you could tell me my moons and stuff too. I was born November 7, 2000 at 9:00 pm. Thank you!

ehhohhhhh! :)

pisces moon, 
libra mars
sag venus (me too, you little flirt you)
libra mercury 

your ascendant is cancer if you live in an EST time zone. but let me know on that one b/c it’s highly dependent on time zone/time :)