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Virgo Trying to Blend In/Not Seem Like A Gunner

The Venus/Mars aspect is the most important aspect for a sexual/physical relationship. 

if you're depressive/want an excuse for lacking something



Everybody has a Sun(ego, central self), but not everybody has planets in Leo. People with no Leo energy running through them are not very creative, warm, or fun to be with. They lack pride and dignity and a sense of centeredness. This is especially so if the Sun is in earth or water.


I don’t like this… It doesn’t sit right with me. You can have no Leo, no fifth house, and still have creative energy and vitality. And same with the rest of if…

yeah, I got it off of I find it really negative and though it’s accurate for me, I know change is possible :) 

if you’re depressive/want an excuse for lacking something

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Libra Gets Romantic

Leo’s Online Dating Profile


Did you know I do Eastern astrology too? And Sidereal. And even Mayan? Lol.

I’m obsessed.

But what I have posted here so far is all Western, no worries.

Report on Compatibility With Your Partner

NOTE: Take with a grain of salt obviously.